Fuzhou Jane Wyatt Best Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. passed the SMETA audit on March 28, 2022.Became a member of SEDEX

Fuzhou Jane Wyatt Best Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. passed the SMETA audit on March 28, 2022.Became a member of SEDEX.


SEDEX is a non-profit organization headquartered in London, England. Companies anywhere in the world can apply for membership. SEDEX has won the favor of many large retailers and manufacturers. Many retailers, supermarkets, brands, suppliers and other organizations require farms, factories and manufacturers to participate in the SEDEX member ethics management audit (SMETA) to ensure that their operations comply with the requirements of relevant ethical standards. The audit results can be recognized by all SEDEX members and shared by them, Therefore, suppliers accepting SEDEX factory inspection can save a lot of repeated audits from customers.
Support buyers: most of them are British retailers, such as Tesco, John Lewis, marks and Spencer Martha, Sainsbury s, the body shop, Waitrose, etc.
SMETA Main contents:
Management systems and code implementation.
Employment Freely Chosen.
Freedom of Association.
Safety and Hygienic Conditions.
Child Labor.
Wages and Benefits.
Working Hours.
Regular Employment.
Harsh or Inhumane Treatment.
Entitlement to Work.
Environment & Business Integrity.

Application process

Any individual wishing to become a member can apply online through the information exchange system. For Class A membership, A written application must be made to the Board of Directors. The Board may require the applicant to provide such information as is reasonable and necessary to determine the appropriate class of membership for the applicant. The Board will notify the applicant of the class of membership as soon as reasonably practicable.
Members shall not register on the information exchange system a production site that is neither their own nor under their jurisdiction. Instead, members are expected to encourage their suppliers to register their manufacturing sites on the information exchange system.
If a member disputes the classification of his membership level, he shall have the right to appeal to the Advisory Board. The member must notify the Advisory Board in writing of its intention to appeal within 30 days after the Board notifies it of its decision regarding the applicant’s class of membership. The Board will then inform the Advisory Committee of the information concerning the claim.
The Advisory Committee shall have access to all information on which the Board of Directors shall base its determination in determining the class of such member. At the time the Advisory Board considers the claim, it shall have the right to request additional such information, including additional information from the Member, as required.
The Advisory Committee may make recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding the membership category of the member. In determining the class of membership of such member, the Board shall give due consideration to the recommendations made by the Advisory Committee.
The Advisory Board will consider the claim as soon as reasonably practicable.

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